Im too shy

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Sep 21, 2016 6:52pm
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Hi there, ive always been a shy person but since ive been in high school its got worse, i can never seem to talk to people or continue a conversation with people i dont know. Im really chatty to people i know well but i want to be able to talk to people i dont know. Ive been on YouTube to try find some answers but it doesnt work for me. Help!!!

23 Sep
Sometime I have no words to talk with stranger and with stranger girl the position becomes more awkward especially when girl talking interview of mine for job . But it really need to do blah blah with stranger , I think it doesn't needed, life is journey and friends become automatically
23 Sep
27 Sep
Looks like your reaching out to talk to new people now being on this forum! 98% of the world does not like to "make new friends" because they're "content" with the ones they have, or they claim to be shy. Just remember, you weren't born in the hospital with a group of friends...:-) had met them in school, sports, gatherings, etc...jusy do the same thing. Find hobbies you enjoy and find paves they do those in groups. I'm sure you'll get a few extra friends no problem. You can also remind yourself that people are more afraid of you than...
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Sep 21, 2016 7:50pm
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I totally understand cause i'm exactly the same. My family recently moved to a new country so I barely even speak the language which doesn't help much lol! But it's actually been good for me. One thing I've learned is not to worry what people think of me. Everyone makes mistakes when they're trying something new or different and people will actually admire you for stepping out of your comfort zone. People who don't...well...
Something i've also learned is to not think about myself and how i'm coming across. That's just gonna freak u out. Think about the other person. believe me, they'll like u all the more;-).
Anyway, i'm nowhere near as bold as i wish i was but with lots of practise i'm sure we'll make it!
God bless

21 Sep
Wow thanks
15 Oct
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Oct 5, 2016 10:36am
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Heeey,don't be shy !
If you are shy , you have uncomfortable life 
You can't ask for smth, you can't ask people , you can do nothing , you will be all the time the last , the worst etc..
You must show in this life who you are , you must be active, show yourself because you have only one life ... 
I don't know how old are you , but the age doesn't matter , you must have a wish inside you to change yourself in a good side,even if you're 20,30,40... It's not late , oppositely, it's good that you decided to change your life 
so, good luck

P.S. I am sorry for my  grammar mistakes  but I hope that you 'll understand me ;) 
15 Oct