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Jun 15, 2013 6:39am
via Android

Just went dancing ,got a lil work out
:-) gonna put in work tomorow ,as i put that im wondering why there is no dumbell under the icons :-/

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Jun 15, 2013 2:35pm
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I like your motivation! Keep at it.
15 Jun
Ty! !! I will, feeling so good and so motivated. On a clean diet and seeing and feeling ways to go tho!!
15 Jun
I am right there with you. Cleaned up my diet a few weeks ago. Just got back to working out. Feeling more confident. Just need to get past my on and off motivation issues. This community is helping a lot, they are very supportive.
15 Jun
Yes definitely helps keep you going having the support from here.:-) and I used to have a gym membership but don't right now ,so this really helps.had a back injury to that would slow me down but just going for it anyways .
15 Jun
Be careful. Listen to your body. You don't want to hurt yourself to the point where you can't workout at all. Gyms are over rated ;-) lol. Why pay to go somewhere when you can get a good workout without it?
16 Jun
Ya I definitely take it easy on my back when it acts up..lifting too much sets it off pretty bad.