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Jun 24, 2013 2:21am
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Ok so this is the biggest I have EVER been at's really depressing! I've never been "skinny"but I was always in pretty good shape in high school and weighed less than 200...I really need some other big girls or used to be big girls to help me out MOTIVATION IS KEY!!!

24 Jun
I know the feeling....this is the biggest I've been. I'm here for you..we can do this!
12 Jul
Imma big girl to :) ill be your workout buddy.
31 Aug
My biggest I was 282lbs.....I was determined to lose weight...lost 103 pounds in 15 months...then I gained back a little over 20lbs in 4 months. Its more depressing then ever....and all I want to do is keep eating.
04 Sep
This the biggest I've been 324 an goal is 177 lbs an it starts today. You can do it so can I.
06 Oct
The biggest I've ever been is 253 last year I dropped down to 206 but am now back up to 236 so I'm back to the drawing board. But how I dropped my weight was eating tons of fruit and veggies, grilled or baked food, protein shakes, yogurts. I only ate the things I like to indulge in maybe one or two times a month, cut down my in take of bread and water. Drink plenty of water and green tea. That was the main thing oh and I walked or exercised to times a day. Hope this helps...