what do you eat when your starving?

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Jan 30, 2014 6:00am
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Ok so we all know about the dreaded snack attack syndrome and midnight cravings that creep up in our minds and tastebuds it can sometimes seem like it's the end of the world...

what bag of tricks do you have to settle down our ravenous minds and stomachs? Any homemade recipes to hold the hunger ? What can hault those midnight cravings from ever coming back!!! I need advice...quick!!! Mmmmm I'm craving enchiladas...lol

30 Jan
I usually get the Kellogg snack bars they're low cal and taste good try them out
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Jan 30, 2014 6:30am
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Ha ha.. know exactly what you're talking about. Mine are usually one of the four following types:
1) craving something sweet - one square of chocolate (27Cal) usually doesn't do it so I go for either the Carbmaster yogurt (60Cal and very low carbs) or the Light and fit Greek yogurt - very low carbs (this one is great when I want a lot with little impact as it truly feels like heavy Greek yogurt but it only has 80 Cal. Or I go for the lowfat activia (only 60 Cal).
2) craving carbs - Quaker lightly salted rice cakes (only 35Cal and 7g carbs!) I practically use this instead of a bread. You can put ham on it, light goat cheese, or jam. Scrambled eggs are also great with it.

3) craving sweet and carbs - Quaker chocolate crunch rice cakes (60 Cal and 12g carbs OR better option Quaker apple cinnamon rice cakes (50 Cal and 11g carbs).

4) craving meat/something salty or sour - You can never go wrong with deli sliced ham or turkey as it has no carbs and it's mostly protein. Grilled fish or chicken breast is also great. I like to add sourcraut or pickled cauliflower/mushrooms/assorted veggies. I also like lightly cooked cauliflower scrambled with egg white or egg - this really fills you up and has low impact/low calories. Spinach with egg white sprinkled with garlic salt is also good side dish with meat.

When it's late and I know I won't get a chance to "work it out", I make sure to first drink glass of water before any of the above.. it fills me up and I eat less.
Hope this helps :)

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Jan 30, 2014 8:22am
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Usually eat some bread, yogurt or a bit of leftovers. Hate it to be hungry specially when going to bed.

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Jan 30, 2014 9:36am
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I either have carrots or cucumber and dip or black tea or green tea which fills me up fast.
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Jan 30, 2014 5:10pm
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Make sure u have 3full course meals throught the day the last meal should be 2 1/2hr before u go asleep or lay down it gives your body time to diguss it all it should stop your midnight cravings

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Jan 30, 2014 5:34pm
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Cravings are usually ur bodies way of telling you their is somthing missing frm your diet whether its magnesium calcium protien iron etc...if your starving your not eating enough as hunger pains is your body telling you tht your not getting enough food ...  if your hungry try adding a salad with a lean chicken breast cubed and use a vinegarette for your dressing...its clean and healthy and won't hurt your diet at all

31 Jan
Hannah. I promise. U be dead on point hats off to u
01 Feb
Thanx D :-) I really appreciate that!