Monday blues... need a pick me up!

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Feb 3, 2014 6:58pm
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So still ill, want to exercise but can't move.
Hate not working out, it's my 4th day.

Want to hear how everyone else's Monday has gone, lots of positivity needed?

03 Feb
Hey sweetheart! :-). We ALL have days such as those. What motivates me is to remind myself that I actually love moving my body - not to lose weight - but simply to keep my body strong, flexible and healthy. When we work out, even for 20 minutes, we feel great :). It's all about our health and ultimately having fun. If you don't have fun doing something, you shouldn't be doing it. Having a workout shouldn't be a chore, that's what demotivates you. Just do something chilled, for 20 minutes (this app has so many awesome 20 minute workouts)...
03 Feb
And you're ill! So you have no reason to be worrying about missing workouts :). Like I say, your health is everything. Right now your body needs one thing and that is to heal, so for now that's all that matters. Rest and enjoy it :)! There will be many more days that you'll have to bust out energy filled workouts. If you're really keen to move a little, do some light yoga just to get your energy flowing :)
03 Feb
You can do. Seriously, it's hard to find the time and motivation. But if you let that stop you, you'll never find the drive to do it. Everyday I tell myself how I can better myself. If you're not struggling, you're not furthering yourself.
03 Feb
Thanks Nicole and keegan. Still bloody ill mind wants to exercise body is saying no, you are going to make it worse. Glad you two are having a better Monday!
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Feb 4, 2014 12:36am
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We get sick to enjoy being healthy we get down to make us enjoy our happy moments more we can see bad things happening to others it helps us realize how blessed we are ... hard times makes us stronger tough times conditions us mentally... times we wait for good things and endure bad things gives us patience and inner endurance and all these together make life and life gives us experiences and experiences gives us wisdom and wisdom allows us to help others who are going where u have already been. :)


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