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Feb 6, 2014 5:12am
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In my neverending quest to gain a deeper understanding of the female psychology, I have come across yet another issue that perplexes me. Ladies, when you're at the gym, or heck, even out in general public, and you're wearing yoga pants, and you know that you have a nice booty, is it your goal to get us guys to stare? If not, then why wear them and expect guys not to stare? I mean, personally, I'm gonna stare anyway, but I just wanna know exactly what the thought process is when a female decides to enter a gym full of guys brimming with testosterone dressed in skin tight clothes while jumping around and doing squats?

06 Feb
Haha that question will never be answered truthfully
06 Feb
Absolutley I love it when guys stare :) a very massive confidenc3 boost when they do. Dont get me wrong I am very happily married. But it makes me feel beautiful when guys stare or tell me I look hot :)
06 Feb
And also I dont dress like that to get guys to stare
06 Feb
This made my smile from ear to ear:-)
06 Feb
Well thats good to hear
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Feb 6, 2014 9:17am
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Ahha. Well from my point of view there's a few reasons: 
No.1~ What they sell is what you wear. Do you have any idea how difficult it can be to track down some nice workout clothes that aren't skin tight? It's no small feat. I'm not saying they don't sell other options, but choices are limited. 
No.2~ some women are just promiscuous with false modesty. Full stop. 
No.3~ yoga pants allow for flexibility!! :D 
No.4~ sometimes looking and feeling good whilst in the process of shaping/reforming/working your body and acknowledging the stares is a huge confidence boost! 
If ladies complain then they shouldn't dress so enticingly I agree with you there, ain't nothing wrong with sweat pants and a tank  
06 Feb
07 Feb
False modesty lol - that's good
23 Feb
Well they are?! They dress like whores and then be like :O why are people staring?! Oh my, did I step in something?! And pretend to not realise the full extent of their whoredom. Just sayin aha
24 Feb
"Whoredom" lol
26 Feb
Ok, I won't ask - I'll just accept whatever it is you're trying to say and move on lol
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Feb 6, 2014 7:38pm
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I must be the only girl that works out baggy sweats and a t-shirt haha its what im most comfortable in but everyone is different and im in great shape btw

06 Feb
Same here, not the 'in great shape' part I'm still working on that!
07 Feb
Nothing wrong with that
07 Feb
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Feb 9, 2014 9:28pm
via Android

1. Yoga pants are comfy as fuck
2. A stare is a hella compliment


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