Need some motivation :(

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Oct 21, 2014 1:51pm
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Hi all,
In need of motivational and inspiration. Feeling deflated and def not sexy...
21 Oct
The only way to change that feeling is to get up and work out! You will feel wonderful afterwards. Just turn some loud music and get going. :)
22 Oct
Thank you autumn !
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Oct 21, 2014 2:20pm
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Yess I totally agree try workout out!! :) also wating healthy.. and even try to wear something sexy (like matching the bra with underwear also makes me feel better xD) we're here for you if anything!! :3

Btw... im in love with your dog. <3

22 Oct
Thank you Sharon :) I will try tomorrow again, and my that was when I adopted her 2yrs ago she was a baby lol not so baby now!
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Nov 9, 2014 10:18pm
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:) you got it! We all have those moments where we debate on getting up and doing something but think in one year from now. If you continue to tell yourself no now. Your going to end up in a worse situation :)

09 Nov
I just started this today I have been on it before but then I stopped being on this app! So if you need some motivation take what you wrote! That's gotta be some motivation
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Nov 14, 2014 4:26am
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You are soo much stronger and energetic than your mind tells you. Keep pushing and you'll be celebrating your progress in no time!