Best Running Shoes?

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Nov 1, 2014 5:13am
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Hey everyone :)

I wanted to buy a new pair of running shoes. And I'v checked up a number of brands. Adidas seems to offer good foot stability. Skechers memory foam and gel shoes felt extraordinarily comfy but I'm wondering if the extra cushioning makes running and your ankles unstable?

I have a high foot arch. Just wondering what have been the best in your experience.

01 Nov
My aunt uses skatches but for me i mostly use nike+ from nike+ running
01 Nov
Thanks Paul :)
15 Dec
Whichever you choose, try to remember or log your mileage. You can find out how many miles a shoe can take before becoming a problem on the brand websites usually. Or google. If it's a specialty running shoe(usually $100+) you can get about 200 miles on it. Then just wear it to work out. I find that after that distance, it really does hurt to run in them again. My favorites are asics gt2000 series but also a lot of runners like the Nike Pegasus and Adidas boost series. They each have different cushioning and you just have to find...
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Nov 2, 2014 4:34am
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Asics!!!!! I swear by them, nothing better! I am I'm the Kayano 19 now and love em! Cumulus and GT2000 are sweet too, if you are putting on the miles invest in an Asics shoe they are worth every cent!
02 Nov
Thanks Donna. Those are the only ones I haven't tried yet. I love the idea of gel cushioning in a sturdy shoe. So will try those for sure too
02 Nov
Asics only for me too. Love 'em!!
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Dec 8, 2014 8:10pm
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The gel shoes and memory foam ones feel good at first but later hurt. My ankles always hurt after a long run in my memory foam shoes. 
My favorite shoes ever were puma. I felt like I could run forever.  :)

09 Dec
Thanks Rashel. I will keep that in mind.