Best booty workouts!

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Apr 3, 2015 8:54pm
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I just downloaded this app this morning and was curious if anyone could recommend some great workouts for toning the booty! Beyonce status is so close, yet so far!

03 Apr
There's some good ones under the Workouts section. Try either using Browse or Filter for butt exercises (:
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Apr 3, 2015 10:48pm
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I suggest using the filter as Amber said, but here are some booty workouts as well:

Get That Booty *E
Rudy's Booty
BUMBUM BOOTY BUILDER!!  [Dumbbells/Ankle Weights] ☆ HS
Squat Challenge - Workout 1
Squat Challenge - Workout 2
Squat Challenge - Workout 3
Glute Finisher *E
Booty Pump
Squat Nation
Did Someone Say "Leg Day"?
Booty Builder
Tight Ass
Legs And Booty Blaster
Nice Buns Hun
Big Booty Bitches
Bubble Butt
Tight & Toned Bottom
Tight Thighs And Bum
Brazilian Booty

I have already done most of them but some I just liked and haven't tried yet. There are easier and more intense... Check them out, you could actually find something that suits you.

Good luck :)

03 Apr
Thanks Mihaela (: I have yet to figure out how to put a workout on here with a clickable link so I'm not much help when offering advice to anyone!
04 Apr
Amber, use reply instead of comment (posts a new post in the thread) and the Link to-function.
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Apr 4, 2015 9:42am
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Thank you
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Apr 9, 2015 1:03am
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