This is gonna be hard...

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May 2, 2015 3:11am
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Just finished my first workout! YAY!! I'm proud of myself but still a long way to go. Please tell me it gets easier as I go on!

02 May
It is! We are creatures of habit. It is hard at the first few weeks but gradually you'll find it easier to continue your newly-formed habit. Just be patient, results take time, and welcome! You can achieve your goals on here! :)
02 May
Well done! You have more motivation than me! Haha! I need to get my Arse into gear and start doing workouts! :) x
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May 2, 2015 5:08pm
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Don't defeat yourself before you even begin... Never ask whether it is going to get hard... If it is easy, everybody will do it. Of course it gets hard - injuries, motivation, emotional, anger, pain - this type of dedication ain't for the weak hearted.

Every morning you wake up, you thank god and then you ask yourself - why am I doing this? Find your WHY and that's all the motivation you need to keep you going through EVERYTHING in life!
02 May
Wow! This is very encouraging!!! Are you a motivational speaker? Lol. I'm gonna use this as a reminder if I ever forget my WHY. Thanks
02 May
Sometimes you need conviction. I come from Africa - probably the poorest continent in the world. Yet, people are happy... We have it good here no matter what the circumstances are... It can't be worst than Africa. Always remember, there's someone out there whose got it worse than you ... So you got no excuse unless you live there! Best of luck!