Making SMART Lifestyle goals

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Jul 21, 2015 7:17pm

I returned to the US last december having lost 29lbs and something like 40 inches off my body thorugh mostly severe calorie restriction (like.. unhealthy - starvation type restriction that comes with having no money) and the minimal exercise of walking around town (no car abroad).

Now I have been back in the states for ~8 months and I've gained back 19 of those lbs, and the reasons? I have a job, so I eat more than I did then. Not Unhealthy food, just simply, more (Boyfriend still thinks I don't eat enough though). And lack of exercise. I don't have to walk to get anywhere anymore, and that's a problem for me.

I have resolved to create a SMART lifestyle goal, in the hopes that it becomes a Lifestyle Change.

I read somewhere that it takes 28 days of doing something to make it a habit, so in combining that notion with the concept of making a SMART goal, where S - Specific, M - Measurable, A - Accountable/Achievable R - Realistic/Relevant and T - Time Frame. Here goes:

Specific goal: Be more physically active

Measureable: 60 minutes (or more) 3-5x per week

Accountable: I'll be checking in at the end of each week on Sunday to report what physical activity I did, when I did it. How I feel about it etc. Even if no one reads it or follows it, It's still a way to at least TRY to hold myself accountable.

Achievable/Realistic: Is it realistically achievable? Yes it is. My schedule is hetic, but I've found enough options at different times of the day that I think I can get in 3-5 workouts/activities a week.

Relevant: I am doing this for me, because I need more in my life than going to work and watching netflix. I've gotten into the habit of being lazy and make excuses for not being active. And I KNOW I am happier and healthier when I'm out DOING something, especially if that something means interacting with other people.

Time Frame: So if doing something for 28 days is enough to make a habit, then I'll start out with 4 weeks. And then when I reach that goal of 4 weeks I'll make it another 4 weeks, until hopefully, being active 3-5x a week will become a habit, and I can call it a lifestyle change, as opposed to a lifestyle goal.

Wish me luck!

23 Jul
Erica.. Ive only joined this community yesterday & ur article is my first-to-read & I belive it's an inspiring start :-).. I liked the way u addressed the SMART way & think I can get use of..I also want to say if u're not usually active so 60 minutes then won't be realistic,u may need to revise :-)... I wish u the best of SMART work & luck... KEEP GOING I'm watching ;-)
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Jul 21, 2015 7:31pm
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Erica, you have no idea what a breath of fresh air you are. There is no way you cannot reach your goal with that fantastic attitude. Welcome and enjoy the adventure.

You don't need luck. Just that wonderful drive of yours.

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Jul 21, 2015 7:49pm
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Thank you for your kind words. I'll keep you (and anyone else who's interested) posted.  ;)

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Jul 23, 2015 6:24am
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Update Erica? I'm watching!

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Jul 23, 2015 7:26pm

Hi Molia,

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm actually on week 2 now, so when I do post my update/check in on Sunday it will be covering 2 weeks instead of 1.

And so far 60+ minutes hasn't been difficult or problematic. I think the difference is that I'm not KILLING myself during each workout/activity. I deffinitely feel the burn and break a sweat, and I'm always sore the next day, but I'm not feeling crippled by the latic acid buildup in my muscles, so I can keep going the next day and or the day after.


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