Any tips for a newbie?

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Jul 31, 2015 2:54pm
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I'm a 24 ywar old guy, i only weight 58 kilos been like that for the past 7 years maybe, i never gain weight no matter what i eat or how much i eat.

I also smoke, and have never been in a gym before and it's time for me to change that and look for a better healthy life, i just don't know how to start and with what..

31 Jul
Hi! I'm 18 and I suffer something similar with my weight. A begging tip,start with moderate workouts and try not to focus in only one part of your body.
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Aug 1, 2015 9:03am
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Good advice. Pick some casual to moderate short workouts of about 10 mins for the beginning. Try to address the whole body. Try to do something every day to make it a routine. Follow ppl who constantly work out and check their "liked" workout section to get an idea of what is possible in here.

I always like to suggest the Scientific 7-Minute Workout - it helped me a lot when I started, gives you an idea what to work on, is short, fun and effective.

Final tip: patience and endurance. Changes won't come over night. It takes weeks and months to make a difference. Stick with it and you'll love the outcome.

Good luck with your journey!

01 Aug
Thank you for the amazing reply
02 Aug
You're welcome - now let's move!
07 Aug
I hate it when my time is wasted