The 20 commandments of a lady:

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Sep 6, 2013 6:15am
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1.Always be confident beauty is in the heart
2.treat your body like a temple
3.never be negative about yourself
4.dont be prideful to others one loves a snob well
6.moisturize slow and portioned
8. Take your vitamins
9. Don't pack on the make up you're not auditioning for RuPaul's Drag Race
10. Be classy
11. Laugh
12 sing
13. Hydrate
14. Ditch the junk food eat an apple
15.capture images and embrace all Gods creation
16.spoil yourself with good music bunch
17.stretch before you start your day
18. Accept a work out challenge or routine
19.sleep well
20. Jog and enjoy the sun or the moonlight in your face

06 Sep
Nice list. Good advise for gents too i'd say
13 Oct
13 Oct
Every word that u said is 100%right thankz 4 remining uz girlz 2 luv our selfs body and 2 take care of it.nd 2 tacke care of it.great wordz i appreciate doze alot
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Sep 7, 2013 12:34am
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Just we need ladies need to do. Too often we beat ourselves up because we have this misconception of perfection.
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Sep 7, 2013 12:45am
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I 100% agree!
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Sep 7, 2013 2:47am
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Nice love the list

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Sep 7, 2013 12:22pm
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Well it!!!

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Sep 7, 2013 4:15pm
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Thank you Lexy!
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Sep 8, 2013 7:09pm
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I love that!

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Oct 13, 2013 4:48pm
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Love it

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Oct 14, 2013 12:40am
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Great advice!
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Oct 15, 2013 1:41am
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Oct 15, 2013 3:00am
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I like!!