Starting Over - with a stone on top!

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Oct 12, 2013 5:07pm
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Hi. I went to a boot camp last year when I weighed 14 stone 10 and got a stone off - it was a no carb, no fat, no dairy, NO FUN type thing! But I was over the moon with my progress.
Then winter hit! I didn't want salads - I wanted Yorkshire puddings and hot pots! So not only did the stone go back on - but I added another one on top of that! I've been healthy eating again for about 3 weeks and lost about 5lbs - and I know with the reintroduction of exercise that this will improve the loss rate - oh but why oh why did I let myself put it back on? Feel like I'm just working to feet to where I was before ! Still fat! Raaaaaaa.
I know ive just gotta get off my arse! And this app seems to be making it easier so that's good. I want to be one of those people in the paper who lost 20 stone in a week ! ! ! ! Haha.
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Oct 12, 2013 5:17pm
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Mmmm Yorkshire pudding! We are just hitting the weather for that. It's so yummy and so bad. I'm trying to lose weight too. I've lost some with this app

19 Dec
I'm new here and I feel you girl. I went to a bootcamp and lost 20lbs in about 6 months but now theyare backand I don't even want to weight myself because I know it will be catastrophic! !
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Jan 18, 2014 6:11am
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I hear ya and feel your pain! I lost about 60 lbs 4 years ago. I stopped weighing myself and began to eat healthy & excercise more. Miraculous! This past year I had 2 injuries & my workouts slacked off. Since I wasn't managing my stress with workouts, I began to eat for stress management. I packed on almost all the weight I had lost & never thought I would :(  Alas, here I am on Skimble, like you, taking it off again one day at a time, one meal at a time. Let' s keep on moving forward and that will be our lessons to stay in check!