Can i over work butt muscle??

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Oct 20, 2014 2:03pm
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Really want a bigger bum. Im eating right and tryin to gain more weight. I have been adding weight to my butt routines but can i over work it? i.e. if i squated/lunged everyday with weights would my butt muscles still grow?? Sometimes feel im not doing enough and then other times feel over worked?? Is that the same with abs too or that ok to target everyday??

20 Oct
You can overwork any muscle in the body. Each one needs certain amount of time to rest, this is where almost all of the growth occurs. My suggestion would be to mix up the days a bit, have maybe 2/3 heavy lifting days and 2/3 low weight more reps. The rest of the time rest your butt! You'll see improvement at a quicker rate and reduce the risk of injury by quite a bit!
20 Oct
Thanks for that. Well im in the gym mon, weds and day on the wk end plus do some things at home. At gym ive started to do one day upper body and abs, rest day, lower body and abs, 1-2 rest days and then start again. In between maybe on the rest days im doing squats and some workouts on here.
20 Oct
Just think am i actually doing enough? Maybe its just becoz i want to see the results sooner but know its a slow progress...
20 Oct
Yeah I understand that. Just be patient with it, I always think like this: the age you are now, that's how long it's taken you to get to that point in your current fitness. You can't expect to beat it over night!