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Oct 24, 2014 5:57pm
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I've been working out for almost a year and a half now off and on I have lost almost 80 pounds and I run a lot and I do squats a lot but I'm starting to have a lot of knee pain how can I fix it. It only hurts when I do squats or when I'm running (only when i workout).

24 Oct
Check your form with running and squats you may be stressing the knee and not realize it. Also look at your flexibility in the quads, hamstrings and hip to see if a tightness is pulling in knee cap out of alignment. And lastly don't forget about strengthening the hamstrings to counter balance the much stronger quads.
24 Oct
Make sure that when doing Squats you are putting the weight into your heels and not the ball of your foot. I used to have that issue and it used to aggravate my knees.
26 Oct
Check out Katy Coull on this app. She has a workout called VMO strengthening to combat knee pain - KC. Might help you if you have similar issues.
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Oct 24, 2014 6:37pm
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You run and do squats alot. Although both are very good, the problem is they are aggravating your knee. Time to switch up your workout and get a knee brace/support. Let your knee rest/heal.