Portion control

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Feb 10, 2015 9:52pm
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Hi im starting a 90 day challenge and doing meal prep but I cant find anywhere when I do meal prep how much of the food should go in each tupperware, how many ounces of protein with vegatables and carbs, can anyone help?

10 Feb
I downloaded this app called my fitness pal. It have recipes and tracks yoir calorie intake to achieve your weight loss goal or whatever you want to do :)
10 Feb
Oh awesome. I want to gain muscle but im confused to how much to eat each meal I just see videos of guys throwing whatever in a Tupperware but no measurements or ounces
10 Feb
The app might help. It tells me how much sugar and such im allowed to take in everyday with little reminders. And at the end of the day you close your "diary" andit tells you how much youd weigh if everyday were like today. It might have some recipes for muscle gain!