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Mar 8, 2015 3:26am
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Ab exercise equipment or crunches which is best and effective

08 Mar
equipment is not effective just try different types of abs workout here.
08 Mar
The crunches are best.
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Mar 8, 2015 4:57am
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Rapid-Fire Obliques 20:00
Standing Ab Abuse 18:00
P90x: Ab Ripper X 16:00
Elite Abs 10:00
Core Blaster 5:00

Core strength is very good for health and stamina.

But, just so you know, to actually get abs you have to do a LOT more than core exercises. You gotta burn fat with cardio and weight training. And you definitely gotta eat very healthy.

08 Mar
Yes you do.
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Mar 8, 2015 11:17am
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There was a study done a couple of years ago on abs and the most effective workouts some popular ab workouts was next to pointless....

The 3 most effective was the good ol situps, air bike and leg raises .. no equipment needed.

Ab A Dab A Doo

08 Mar
Sit ups or crunches? I think it's much higher risk of hurting yourself or not having proper form when doing sit ups.
08 Mar
It depends of you have existing back problems...lay down as if your doing a sit up but lift you knees up with feet on the floor, place palms on your thigh's..lift head and stretch up pushing palms upto your knees and back down....its more back friendly.
08 Mar
Sit ups hate me. It is a personal and deep hate.
08 Mar
There's two of us, Hadi! And probably like a gazillion more. They must be the most hated exercise around.

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