Good workout tips to burn fat?

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Mar 16, 2015 6:24pm
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Trying to get rid of "love handles"
17 Mar
U can never target a particular body part for losing fat...fat get reduce overtime ..but love handles last...keep doing workouts... n please stay away from side bends with dumbells which may target love handles but they actually make ur waist wide ..and who wants a big waist...side plank best to work love handles though
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Mar 16, 2015 7:02pm
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I read that it's better to do cardio on an empty stomach so you burn fat instead of blood sugar. Also,  that fat starts burning after 20 minutes of cardio so you make sure you workout for at least 30 minutes at a stretch?
Interval training and hiit workouts are the best.

16 Mar
Your body will actually burn muscle this way don't do should eat something before you work out
17 Mar
Yeah Rachelle. I've heard that too. Good to know again
17 Mar
I've always heard the "work out on an empty stomach to lose weight"-mantra. But now I've realized myself it only works to a certain extent, when you won't have strength enough to make it through your workout without eating. For me light to moderate weight training works on an empty stomach, cardio and more intensive weight training doesn't work at all. I'm thinking now that perhaps the way to go is try different times of day and go with the time when you feel the strongest and most energetic. The more effort you can put in, the better the results...
18 Mar
And you've had great results. Thanks for sharing Anna. I think post workout its really important to get enough protein fast like with a protein shake.i would only add that.
04 Apr
Yeah. Anna said it right. Never workout on an empty stomach and have your bottle of water with you .
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Mar 17, 2015 7:09am
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Interval training and weight training with compound movements on alternate days will help you..n dont forget to eat clean and within limits...