No equipment weight gain buddy wanted

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Apr 17, 2015 7:34pm
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Hey everyone, I'm on a strict budget(the reason I'm not in a gym instead of this app), have no equipment except logs, rocks, rope, and an overhead bar. I'm doing well enough with this, but the motivation factor! It's killing me! I generally work one group really heavy each week, and one heavy full body a week, as well as two light ones a day and one moderate a day. One or two days a week, I do almost nothing for rebuild time.

I desperately need a workout buddy to help keep me motivated and who needs someone to help them with the same! I know the science behind a lot of the simpler weight gain diets, and know how to work many groups, but again, MOTIVATION! I need some help, and my family is either too old(parents) or just not interested/too low a level(sister) to keep up.

Please help!

17 Apr
Yes! This is exactly what I need! Help a sister out?