Home bound and growing...

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Dec 2, 2014 2:26pm
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I lost what I thought would be my forever career in February 2014. I was with that company most of my working life. 18+ years in they let me go.

Needless to say I went from active with a income to inactive without a income in the blink of a eye.

I need a financially free plan and a great support team.

With the above change in my life I had to walk away from my paid off home and moved in with my boyfriend over a hour from anything I know. I was active in my community. Now
Here I don't even know where to walk and be safe. I went from a empty nester career woman to a stay at home mom of 5. (Step kids and grandkids)

I would simply LOVE to find a local female to workout with. (Giggles included)

I have gone up 2 pant sizes and about to go up another.

I wear a fitbit daily and have increased my steps. My food intake isn't what it use to be. Not as healthy cause of what others crave as a meal. But I am getting better at putting good things to the side for they days their diets crash. Still being homebound isn't helping and now the cold weather is here. :(