Really problem with knees, possible knee replacement. What exercises would be a good start?

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Aug 11, 2013 1:51am
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09 Jan
If your knees are bad you want to reduce the stress and impact forces on your knee. Aquatic exercises are the best because the water helps to take pressure of of the joints. If that is not an option I would look into doing straight leg raises in all 4 directions. Doing an elliptical or bike vs treadmill. If you can't do squats, lunges or leg kicks in water, you can attempt them on land but no added weights watch your form and only go as low as you can without pain.
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Aug 26, 2013 4:25pm


I just added skimble to my phone to enter a workout my physical therapist recommended for the same reasons. I'm 48, have osteo arthritis, have had several scopings in one knee and by all accounts I'm queued up for an eventual knee replacement if I ever want to play Ultimate again...


The trouble I'm having with Skimble is that these prepackaged programs don't fit so I'm left with building a program of my own with the available excercises. Add to that not all the excercises I have in the recommended program aren't in the database of excercises. So the answer is I have to make my own, I'm working on that now.


Here's the work out I was given for my injury /problems (meniscal tears/ osteo arthritis / bad patellar tracking):



Warm Up: 5 minutes of your choice of cardio easy pace (elliptical, bike, jog if tolerable)

Dynamic Stretches:

Hug the World, Hug Yourself

Russian Walks

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Hacky Sacks

Reverse Hacky Sacks

Leg Swings (forward and sideways each side)

Choose 3 days of the week to do each session (i.e. Mon, Wed, and Fri)

Do each exercise for 30 seconds X2

Session 1:

v  Reverse fly with Triceps extensions alternating

v  Lunge Kicks 5 one each side

v  Seated Oblique Reaches with weight

v  Fire Hydrants with Donkey Kick

v  Biceps Curls 3 (in, out, hammer) variations with dumbbells

v  Overhead Squats with plates or dumbbells

v  Single Leg Bridges (modification- double leg)

v  Lawn Mower with dumbbell 8 each side (modification: no weights)

v  Walking Push Ups (modified- knees bent or stationary pushups)

Session 2:

v  V-Ups (double, single legs or knees)

v  Bent Over Posterior Rows with weights

v  Alternating planks (up downs) continuous (modification: on knees, advanced: single leg)

v  All Fours on hands and knees

v  Step Ups with kick 10 times each leg (modification: step ups only) CAREFULLY DOWN!

v  High/Low push Ups (modification: regular push-ups or on knees, advanced: feet on box)

v  Speed ladder 2-1-2 jumps, jump forward 2, jump backward 1, jog at end (modification: jump 2 forward, jump 1 backward)

v  Wall Shuffle and 5 jumps (modification: shuffle and squat/reach)

Session 3:

v  Single leg Bird Feeders holding one dumbbell 10 each side (advanced: with single leg squats, modification: double leg Bird Feeder or without weight)

v  Matrix Lunges with dumbbells (keep knees over feet)

v  Standing Reverse Chest Flies with dumbbells (advanced: single leg)

v  Forward Lunge Kicks 8 on each side (modification: no kicks)

v  Mountain Climbers alternating (on hands or standing)


v  Goblet Squats with dumbbell overhead press up (modification: no press up, advanced: forward/backward jump)

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Jan 9, 2014 12:29pm
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Did u ever create/find thus workout?  I too have a really bad right knee; making lunges, jumps, & repetitive squats quite difficult.

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Jan 11, 2014 12:03am
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After having three knee surgeries (most recently 12/30/13) and a great physical therapist, I have learned the importance of strengthening the core muscles. It helps to not put strain on the knees.  I love doing back squats with weights. Wall sits if done properly (use a towel between the knees for inner thigh work) are good. Just don't allow the knee to extend past the toes.  Any exercise that strengthens the core or legs without putting undue pressure on the knees is helpful.  Good luck!
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Jun 6, 2015 4:51pm
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See if there is an Egoscue studio in your area! If only one knee is "bad" ....why is the other knee good? 
The answer is ... Your posture is causing dysfunction ! Egoscue is posture therapy... You can avoid, and SHOULD avoid surgery or invasive procedures to your knee ! The balance of pressure, fluid, and function is compromised with surgery or shots always! For your full body health and longevity, please look up an Egoscue studio in your area! 


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