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Aug 28, 2013 10:55am
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Since its good to keep track of training and i dont use alot of the workouts on this app. I decided to start a training log. To keep track of (hopefully) progress and explaining why im doing some things so it might help others.

My main goals now are to get stronger overal and to get good at a more olympic style of lifting.

31 Aug
I understand you're doing this for folks to see but if you're interested in logging on your phone try jefit. It's free and very simple and can do everything from super sets to pyramids etc. Really helps me keep track without the pen and paper!
04 Sep
Thanks. I usually make a training scheme in exel and go from there. All those apps too much time haha
13 Sep
Keep it up bro!
13 Sep
Thanks bro
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Aug 28, 2013 11:04am
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I am following a upperbody/lowerbody scheduel. Mainly focussing on the compound lifts. Specially for the upperbody i dont do alot of isolation work. I am really liking my training lately and im planning to follow ub/lb for atleast the comming 3 months.

First training of the logg was today.

Did leggs on monday and yesterday was a day filled with boxing. Today was upperbody day.

Deadlifts 5x5 on 125kg.
Barbell rows 5x8 on 70kg.
Dumbell press 5x8 on 34
Cable flyes 5x12.
Supersets preacher curls vs skull crushers 5x12.

Was a solid training. Specially after intensity of yesterday.

I love to build my training in a paramid way. With heavy compounds to start and good isolation to fimish with.

Friday probably another training before a short holiday trip!

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Aug 29, 2013 9:07am
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Today cardio/condition training. I love tabata cycling for condition training. First18 rounds of 20 cycling and 10 rest. Then some cooling down and 10 more rounds.

Afther that 1 min round boxing 20 sec rest for 5 rounds. Then some more boxing routines.

After kickboxing some wrestling drills. And those really killed me!


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Aug 31, 2013 7:34am
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Last training for vacation was today. I woke up an hour earlier so i could do hill sprints. My leggs are killing me now and i feel stupid for doing them.


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Sep 8, 2013 1:03am
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Vacation training update.

I walked to the beach everyday. A good thing the beach was close enough to not call this a workout.
And atleast waked 1 stairs this vacation cuz i remember a club had a stairs to get in.

1 or 2 days and its back to the normal routine.

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Sep 9, 2013 1:28pm
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Training after vacation.

Training with a mate. So took pretty long today.

Started of with tabata cycling. Did it before power training for a change. Didnt like it too much.

Teached my mate some deadlifting technique so training started slow. He did oke for a first time deadlifting. Still hipmovement is a slight problem.

2x5 warm ups
1x5 on 90kg
3x5 on 120kg
1x3 on 150kg
1x1 on 160kg

Pendlay row (hamstrings were really tight!!)

3x8 on 50kg
2x5 on 70kg

Dumbel chest press (arms were tired really fast today)

2x12 warm ups
1x12 on 26kg
1x12 on 30kg
2x13 on 32kg

Dumbel chest flyes
3x12 on 16kg

Cable chest flyes


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Sep 9, 2013 1:46pm
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Tomorrow jiu jitsu training. No bjj but traditional style. I am really curious (scared) on my judo skills haha. Been soo long! I just hope i can overpower a little so i dont come across like the big noob i am!

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Sep 11, 2013 12:24pm
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Jiu jitsu training went ok. And great fpr everyone training against me. Easy victim for the more skilled one :-).


Horrible training. I was stiff and without power. So a short log

Squats 5x5 highest set was on 80g.
Leg extensions 8x10
Leg press supersets wide and narrow
3x10 130kg
Calv raises (seated and standing) 3x15 and 5x15.

To finish i rode a bike for 30 mins.

Hips were extremely stiff. Even a good stretching and warming up coudnt get it away. Tonight some more work to do.

Next training is olympic lifting. Some day i will do the perfect clean!

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Sep 11, 2013 7:45pm
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Good news people. This friday i will do my first strongman training. Doing some stones and other crazy stuff that will kick my ass!

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Sep 12, 2013 8:45pm
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Upperbody training!


Havent pressed in a month! So was curious how it went.

2xwarm ups

Incline bench

Pull ups
4x8 bw

Seated row

Preacher curs vs tricep extension
5 rounds of 12 reps on both.

20mins of relaxed cycling to finish it off.


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Sep 13, 2013 4:40pm
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Did a strongman training.

Moved some stones flipped a few tires. And fought with the yoke.

Was hard as hell but great to do something completely different!

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Sep 16, 2013 1:39pm

New week. New training!













Dumbell chestpress





Cable flyes

high grip


low grip



Bench dipss



To finish 20 mins of tabata cycling



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Sep 17, 2013 4:40am
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I know what you mean. I wish this app was set up a little more for people that lift in the gym, someway to track it as well. I'd like to get my points up so I have a number I can look at and see it going up... but I dont do many of these timed routines.

17 Sep
Yeah app is horrible for weight lifting training. Designed for housewifes who wanna do some workouts. Not a bad thing just not so helpfull for the others haha
17 Sep
Get jefit if you want something more designed for lifters.
17 Sep
True Rappa, I like the app for socializing with like minded people for sure and for ideas and motivation just wish it was geared a little towards what I do. Tony... I will check it out, thx
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Sep 18, 2013 11:22pm
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New day, new training.

Lowerbody and shoulders.

After almost 3 weeks i am squatting again. Injury and vacation kept me from it. Needless to say it went horrible. Been playing gta5 like crazy last 2 days, this might explain why my hips were extremely stiff. Coudnt get power out of them and they tired and locked real bad on me. Got some flexing work to do.

Squats ( deep no atg )
2x10x20 warmups

Walking lunges
24 steps a set, 12 a leg.

Legg press( narrow to wide superset )
Means 4 narrow all followed directly by wide.

Rear delt flyes.

Rear delt cable

Shoulders presses

Side raises

Quick to home for some more gta5 action.


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Sep 24, 2013 12:12am
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Legg day.

Started with 15 mins of incline walking. To get it all working.

Squats (atg squats with slight hold at buttom)
3x5x20 as warm ups

Atg squats

Before and after the training i worked on my hips. Flexibility and a bit on strengt. Thats also the reason i only squatted this leggday. To get my hips to open up more and more. This for 2 main reason. Being able to move the correct way and to gain more power out of my hips. Weights on my squats are nothing fancy and i know i can get higher but for now i stuck to improved movement and technique. So squatting as deep as possible, driving the knees out and pushing trough the heels for the whole movement while maintaining a arch in the foot and keeping the whole foot on the ground and my ankle in place(my biggest problem).

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Sep 25, 2013 3:24pm
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Yesterday i had a shitty upperbody training.

Maxxed deadlift on 170. Getting close to 200.

Today cardio training.

Tabata cycling.
30 rounds.
20 sec max volume
10 seconds slow

Took on the gloves.
12 round warm up
40 sec work
20 rest

Working on technique and getting in the groove.

Some more workouts and finished with light sparring.