Hi Guys this me again with my noob question :P Is it important (protein Powder )

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Nov 23, 2013 5:51am

Guys am doing gym right now my height is like 5.11 and weight is 69.3 KG. Now my question is do i really need to do cardio alot ?? as in I am not that fat :P just the stomach lightly big.

Another question is Do i have to drink protein poweder ?? Is it neccesary ?? to get good shape and body ?? will be waiting for your reply guys Thank you ! Peaceout !

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Nov 23, 2013 7:42am
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Hi, if you want abs, you should do some cardio to lower your body fat. Once that happens, your abs will be noticeable with exercise. Protein powder is not necessary but for muscle you need to consume a good amount of protein (meat, lentils, nuts, eggs). Protein powder is just a way to get your daily fix of it but you can do what you need to do without it.

23 Nov
Thanks for the reply ashley :) one question how much calore should i loss by cardio. Jogging or treadmill
23 Nov
I think jogging is better if you can because treadmills kind of help you along. If it's all you have, though, it's definitely acceptable. Plus, treadmills tell you how many calories you've burned. You should count calories using an app like myfitnesspal. This will help you keep track of what you eat and how much you burn. However, I've recently learned about the BMR and TDEE. Those might be more accurate numbers. That can be determined later though.
23 Nov
Ok yeah treadmill can count the calories but sometime its really boring to run 30 minutes looking at a machine in gym :D ok am checking out the app. And thanks you for the advice
23 Nov
I totally know what you're talking about haha no problem. Good luck
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Nov 23, 2013 4:29pm
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Protein powder is not necessary if you want you can take it if not then make sure your getting it from somewhere and cardio is important for toning and losing fat but so is debit and proper weight training. Hope this helps. TST!!!!

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Nov 23, 2013 7:19pm
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Though protien powder is not necessary sometimes protien itsself is very essential protien is th building blocks for muscler growth with heavy resistence training their is a greater need for protien withen th next 24 hours of workout due to protien synthesis and muscle breakdown protien aids n recovery new growth adaptations and replinishing used energy stores tht were depleted during exercise ..roughly athletes and those involved in resistance training need more protien thn those who r not ...yes ths can come frm our daily food but our bodies withen th first 10 minutes after exercise is th best window for our bodies to absorb those nutrients and studies show tht those who consumed protien with a good carbohydrate soure had better performance thn those who didn't...better performance in th gym =successful results n th gym...protien powder is easier to to pack to th gym for tht 10 min window thn ur chicken breasts and protien powder goes down faster to ...protien powder is a supplement...its a training tool....pre nutrition before going to th gym and post nutrition after training is cruical...how u do it will determine ur results but wat kind doesn't matter rather ur source is protien powder or not as long as ur body is getting wat it needs...for me i use protien powder its easier for me to get my recomendation tht way but u knw wats best for u

15 Dec
Its now 1 month that i have started gym. So should i take protein powder from Now on.. Or after few months

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