Cardio or weights in a limted time

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Dec 8, 2013 8:05am
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Okay so I've got like less than an hour so I have to either give up cardio or weights for today. Which one would you guys prefer? Cardio or weights/core?

08 Dec
I would prefer cardio :)!
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Dec 8, 2013 5:52pm
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Sense I'm not sure whn ths was posted ill talk in present and for future tense...if u haven't worked out today dnt give up either by incorperating both by using high intensity circut training u would b keeping ur heart rate up th whole time and b doing resistance training at th same time an example wud b...weighted sqaut jumps deadlifts box jumps clean and press jump rope pushups and pullups by doing each exercise for 10 reps no rest go frm one to th next whn finished with tht round wait 30 seconds thn go again see how many rounds u can get in th amount of time u hav