How to spot your weak spot in the squat?

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Jan 9, 2014 2:24pm
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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Its a long story, sorry! But its hard to explain.

Since there are alot of women here who are working their booty with squatting. And i keep seeing questions about it and horrible form in the gyms. I would like to help you all with spotting your own weaknesses on your body and technique. Lots of times they will be related but not always.

Let me start with saying i am not an expert on the squat. I dont squat crazy numbers and i still make technique mistakes myself. However, relentless knee problems and pretty solid ankle mobility problems, forced me to work on it to be able to squat painfree and to start working on it.

And i want to help you guys go trough that process some faster.


There are a few important 'ques'. And no knees not over the feet isnt one of them imo.

1. The squat is not an down and up motion. Its backwards and sidewards.

This means, the hips travel backwards. Not downwards. The hips are the first bodypart to move and the most important one. You have to sit in the squat. Box squats are great for this. Since you actually sit down.

- The knees dont move forward. The knees move outwards. Push the knees out trough the WHOLE movement. Dont let them come in on the way up. You want to keep ur knees outside of your feet. This while make the squat feel alot better :-)

keep the pressure on the outside and backside of your feet. Whenever you feel you are losing balance, you know there is a weakspot ;).

- The upperbody stays solid the whole time. Grab the bar when its still hanging. Lock the upperbody, push the hips some back. Look up arround 30 degrees!!! And lock this position. Pick it up and step back. Keep the same upperbody position!! Focus on keeping the head slightly up!!


- Flexibility.
Stiffness in ankles, hips and shoulders. This can cause you to not being able to make the full movement. How to spot it? Hips and ankles mobility problems will result in you having trouble getting into the squat positon. Losing balance when ur down and feeling resistance while going down. Solution, stretches. Ankles are hard to work but its possible! Do some research and you can find it.

- Losing balance/falling forward

Your lower back and core arent strong enough to hold the position. Your upperbody doesnt stay upright enough. And the weight goes forward throwing you of balance. Solution lower back and core strenghtening. Goodmornings are good for the back. Since its a kind of the movement you want to avoid.

-Knees jumping in while going up.

There are 2 things happening here. You are quadricep strong. And the quada are taking over. Causing your knees to jump inwards. You stop using hams and hips and power it out.
Ankle mobility. You cant turn your knees out enough. Solution is to work on strengtening the hamstrings and the hips. So you can work as 1 system.

- Not placing the weight in the middle. Or it feeling strange when you do.

1 leg is stronger than the other. And you place more weight on one of them.

These are the most common seen ones. My battery is empty so this is what you have to do it with. If you have questions ask em!

10 Jan
Excellent post. Poor form squats make me sad. Although I rather see a weak squatter than a couch potato! So thanks for all the details. Gives us good reminders ;)
10 Jan
Yeah, when I see someone with poor form, it frustrates me because all the have to do is a little bit of research.
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Jan 9, 2014 2:28pm
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spot on

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Jan 9, 2014 8:00pm
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I used to get reallydizzy doing squats but I learned how to do them right and now I love doing them. I watched so many videos on how to do them right, the only places it now hurts when I do them is my butt and thighs :)

09 Jan
Yea its trial and error. Gotta keep tweeking it. Thats also frustrating. Its a never ending story.
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Jan 10, 2014 12:51am
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Thanks for taking the time Rappa !! I see some crazy goddam people at the gym who either hate their spines or left their brains back at home !!
10 Jan
Yeah lots of ppl Just dont know what they are doing.
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Apr 16, 2014 1:26pm
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I've been doing squats dor like a week now, and i'm always thinking "nooo, i'm doing them wrong"
So i googled and they said its like you sit on a chair, 
So i used a gym ball to practise
I kinda fall or lose balance
17 Apr
I woudnt use a ball myself. Better use something you can actually sit back on.
18 Apr
Yes you're right, thats,true :/ maybe i should use something harder for it? And i don't really "sit" on it.. Just to have something under me.. Feels easier to take the right position