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Apr 23, 2014 5:58am
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I always think that going to the gym is expensive, not including supplements to keep me beefy.
I wonder, how much money do you spend in a month to get a good desired body and keep it good looking?

23 Apr
Man tbh you really don't have to buy supps to get in real good shape but if you do get them they will help to make everything work much faster
23 Apr
Thanks for the response, man. I thought without proper nutrients, the muscle will fade gradually. What about you? Do you use one?
23 Apr
I never used any in the past and was in great shape but I lost a lot of it due to not working out and bad diet plan but now I'm using shred matrix fat burner, cellucor whey protein, mp assault preworkout amplifier and taking glutamine before and after workout just to speed up the process
23 Apr
From your look, it is really great! Thanks for the motivation, friend. I need it.
23 Apr
Hi, Caleb. I forgot. Any tips about food to consume and to avoid?