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Jun 27, 2014 2:19am
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Ok so im a shotgun shooter, and after takin a month off and takin it easy due to my fractured grothplate in my wrist(plz exuse the spelling errors!! =)) but ya so i have to take it easy but to hold up my heavy 12gage, i need more arm stength, but i lost it after not exercizing and doing theripy. So i cant do pushups and i have weights. Dose anyone know any awsome supper amazing workouts with weighs that wont stress my wrist? its really tender. Ik i posted somthin like this but... i think this post is askin somthin different. Lol

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Jul 23, 2014 6:28am
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Is it better now?

23 Jul
If its still tender dont dare to do any heavy stretches and workout.. You would lend into chronic pain which will take months to heal.. Just do some easy movements of the hand and gradually go to moderate and intense exercises when the pain subsides... Healthy body only then a healthy exercise.... :).... Will soon post a topic on exercise and pain... U can read my other topics on health.. Follow me for more updates.. :)