How to better shape my butt and build more muscles in my arms an my calves?

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Jul 20, 2014 5:05am
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I work in a box plant and constantly lifting but it never seems to even affect my arms at all and I lift between 20-125lbs at a time for 8-12 hours. I need new exercises to try...suggestions?
20 Jul
I know what u mean lol. I've been sticking to the curls and variations like preacher, cable, hammer & concentration curls. Also switching between sitting, standing, keeping the dumbbells together & alternating. it's been working great for me. Just a thought :)
20 Jul
Well I lift all day long at work and can't seem to get results at all even when I do my workouts at home, I switch them around so my body doesn't get use to the same routine everyday
21 Jul
try fierce wall challenge for arms and world cup kicks for legs.
21 Jul
and also incredible arms
21 Jul
I'll give those a try thank you