Middle abs excersise?

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Aug 26, 2014 6:06pm
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Hey There!
I have a problem!
I started to work on my Sixpack and now after 3 weeks of training i did some posing.
I was shocked. My upper Abs are build well. My lower too. But there is nothing in the Middle section!
What excersise can i do for that?
Please let me know!
27 Aug
there are 18 main abdominal muscles in your core of those muscles there are 8 "abs" broken up into groups of four, your rectus abdominus (top four abs and bottom four abs) external oblique's (the six finger looking muscles that run across your side just under the rib cage you csn only see them with very low body fat percentage) and the internal oblique's (the v shape from hips to groin) thats why the term "6 pack" makes no sence it should be 8 pack, anyway to help you out with your problem the only thing in your way is...
27 Aug
Thank you! I will try it!