How to get big with No weights?

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Sep 19, 2014 2:47am
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I need a workout that's gonna make me bigger and gain mass, I do not have access to a gym, but I'm open to any workouts! I have a very high metabolism and I need to know what exercise and foods I should be eating
19 Sep
Weights can be anything...i dont have a gym so i use canned food,books,stones from outside...just put in bag and or on a broom handle or stick frozen food works good if you are thawing it out to use too...also can do exercises that use your own body as weights. Not sure in this app but saw some in youtube
19 Sep
Also almost forgot can use lighter weight more reps helps and then vary the weight of what you use so your body don't get to used to what you are doing and plateau
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Sep 20, 2014 9:39am
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Check out what's available locally as far as exercise equipment in parks. Pullup bars, parallel bars. Stuff like that. Body weight exercise can be great especially with equipment that allows you to use max weight.

You can invest in a pullup bar for home. Dips between two chairs with heels on floor or propped up on something higher for more weight. Pushups are underrated and great. You can progress to using a backpack with heavier and heavier loads on body weight exercises too, or a weight vest if you want to invest a little.

For legs, body weight squats and especially pistols which are basically one-legged squats, so more weight (i do pistols on a stool for easier balance as i get better) and lunges and other exercises are great for leg muscles. You can hold jugs of water and do lunge walk...things like that. Try different things to maximize results while staying safe/ comfortable but not bored.

20 Sep
A simple protein shake mix for after workouts is a good simple way to help your body recover/build muscle from workout. Other than that, avoid processed foods and sugar. Eat lots of vegetables and proteins.