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Oct 27, 2014 5:27pm
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Should I still be drinking mass gainer while trying to lose fat?

27 Oct
Why would you even want to?? If you have dat to lose then you dont need gainer. If your lifring weights a good protein will do keeping your cals low..its hard to build muscle while losing fat but its possible...think bulk....gain...cut :-)
25 Nov
No you need to focus on your workouts and balancing proteins carbs and fats.
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Oct 27, 2014 6:47pm
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5 to 15 minutes of cardio every time you go to the gym

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Nov 14, 2014 11:28pm

Gainer is for skinny guys or for who wants to gain weight, it contains a lot of calories, but you, you have to workout out harder and take a lot of proteins, drink a lot of water, eat vegetables and fruits.. I recommend you to take your protein from fish and take 7pils of fenugreek with each meal, it helps a lot in absorption of protein.. Hope you the best !

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Nov 14, 2014 11:54pm
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Mass gainer has a lot of fat content for extra calories. Stick to a really good whey isolate protein (Gold Standard 100% whey from oOtimum Nutrition or their ProComplex if it's in your budget) and do a some hiit workouts. This will help your body go into epoc (excess post-exercise oxygen comsumption) which is the most powerful tool your body has for fat burning.

14 Nov
How does eopc work?
14 Nov
I do do cardio and lift weights and use gold standard protein
15 Nov
Epoc is a state your body goes into after certain kinds of workouts; mostly high intensity interval training (hiit) Basically your body absorbs excess oxygen which your liver then uses to oxidize stored fat into energy.