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Nov 6, 2014 9:21am
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Im confused. Ive been working out in 2 years. But nothing happened I still got my muffin in my stomach. My body fat is normal. My leg fat is normal. My arm and my chest are normal. But my stomach is fat. Then I did many ab exercises. But now. I still got fat in my stomach. What should I do. ?
Ab exercises . Well its not working

06 Nov
Hey! I think that you need to change your habits first, which means that you should try to eat healthy. Man other thing you need to know is that once you start with abs, you have to be consistent. Otherwise, you are not going to see any results. Try fruit-infused water too, they help a lot instead of sodas. I hope I helped you. Keep up !
06 Nov
If you're doing the same workouts and exercises, then you're body will get used to them and eventually, will do nothing for it, becoming a habit. The other possible reason is if you are not eating the right foods, or eating too much of them. The only other reason I could think of is if you are leaving too many days between workouts targeting the same muscle area which will allow for reversibility. Good luck and stay motivated!
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Nov 6, 2014 11:35am
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Yes again wheat can be a problem and some grains can cause problems,chek the caveman peleto diet,which is boring but will work,lots of veg juices,goid luck x

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Nov 6, 2014 2:01pm
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Well as for abdominal exercises they should only be done three times a week, no more then that there is no need to over work that muscle it should have its rest just like your other muscles, but are you currently dieting, what's your bodyfat %, and where do you train at home or in a gym


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