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Dec 17, 2014 6:38am
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Hey my name is Alex and I really need some help on making my muscles bigger :(

About me: I'm 20 and I'm 5'7 tall and I weight 58kg (129) I'm sportive I dj etc. I never have a legs day.

Problem: when I flex I see my muscle and they are very hard on the skin meaning there's like no fat on my arms..all I see is the muscle popping out and my triceps really popping out and the wave shape of my muscles...I need help on getting a week schedule of workouts and food to eat to make my muscle have space to grow in because I just feel it like it doesn't have to grow anymore. I eat a lot sometimes and sometimes 1 meal a day... but when I say I eat a lot sometimes I mean I would be craving subway and I would go and can eat 2 footlongs chicken terryiaki sandwiches withhen 20 minutes if conversation with someone ... I don't like some kind of meets but ya every time after clubs or when I'm out and I go to mcdonalds I always buy never less than 4 junior chickens or mcdoubles for myself....I still don't get fat tho and I'm not trying to but I want someone to help me develop bigger arms. Idc if I get fat îl lose it after but I need space for my muscles to grow in atm. I would like someone to dm me or post some websites for me to look into I really need help... oh also on more thing...why when I do chest when I do bench press I can only do max 25 ' s on each side mostly I start with 10 for first set 15 for second and third set and for last one 25 and I can only do 1 or nun unless that 45 (bar)+25+25= 95 ..but if I go to the machine one for chest and I go push up on that I can do 100 about 5 of them with no help ... I want a chest and my arms any help is appreciated and thanks to those who took their time to read all this if you have gone this far. Hope someone can help me ..I go to gym everyday in the week ( p.s I started today drinking milk with my meals instead of juice cuz I heard it helps my body and also I need 1oz of water per kg so I need 1700ml of water a day )

15 Jan
Classic Ectomorph. And what do you mean you don't train legs? How do you expect any part of you to grow if you're not training the foundations? I used to be like you once, not that light but 5'11 @78kg I'm now 96 and love training legs so much I do them twice a week. Wanna pack on mass, I must warn it won't be clean and I don't recommend it but 3-4 bigger meals per day. And not subway. 50%carbs 30 fat and 20 protein to help you bulk.