Not sore?

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Jan 14, 2015 12:41pm
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Should I be sore the next day ? I feel like since I'm not sore I'm 1. Not doing it right. Or 2. Not doing as much as I thought I did at the time?? Maybe I'm not pushing my self enough ? Any advice
14 Jan
You're not always gonna be sore. Whenever I start a new regimen I'm sore for the first week but then my body gets used to it. It's not that I'm not working hard. I don't know your situation though. I'm sure you're not doing anything *wrong* per se, but you can always try adding more weight or more reps. If you really want that site feeling then try throwing in an exercise that you've never done before.
14 Jan
Your probably right I have been doing the same routine for a while maybe if I switch it up I will feel it a little more I just wanted to make sure I'm making progress
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Jan 14, 2015 6:46pm

Lauren hit the nail on the head. You have to trick your muscles with different movements to keep them guessing as to what your doing. Your body is a machine and will adapt to just about anything. Big time soreness that lasts longer than normal is usually due to working out muscles you don't normally use and the opposite of that is doing a workout and feeling good but not sore. It just means that you use those muscles a lot and it will take more to get them to that point. That is when you may want to push a little harder. Mix it up and you will be fine. Just remember to give yourself a couple rest days or move to a different part so that you have time to heal and then hit it all over again!

14 Jan
I need to switch it up but since I just started going to the gym here recently I'm still trying to figure out how to use all the machines and how many reps and making sure I'm doing them right!
14 Jan
It takes time to get your game plan down. That is understandable. Ask about the equipment and as far as the reps it all depends on your goal. If you are toning use less weight with higher reps and if you are doing pure strength training higher weight and lower reps.
14 Jan
Oh, of course don't forget about the cardio :) Good to do some before to warm the muscles up and then some folks do a little after to stretch and loosen them after a good workout.
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Jan 14, 2015 11:51pm
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You won't always be sore. Depending on how good your nutrition is and your bodies ability to recover and how hard you really push yourself some people may never get sore. If you want to push yourself to the limits and are activating the right muscles rather than just going through the motions then there should be some degree of soreness. Need more info on how to switch on the muscles during certain exercises then feel free to ask.