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Jan 15, 2015 6:54pm
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Hey.. As I am working on my body muscles, my chest and core and back muscles seems to be good and growing as expected.. So my question is, how can get larger arms fast? And is there any conection between the arms, shoulders and upper part(near neck) muscles in the growing issue? Thx
16 Jan
There may very well be a connection between your shoulder and traps(I think you meant them) and your arms refusing to grow. You may very well be lifting the weight with these muscles instead of isolating the biceps. Can I ask how much you're trying to curl(bar and dumbells)? As well as what you do for triceps and what weights, press downs, dips, skull crushers, close grip bench. If you haven't seen it already check out my post on growing your arms... and the rest of your body.
17 Jan
I use 10 kilograms on my biceps muscles training, I do some needed workouts to the other muscles. My shoulders, I dont give them a good training, but I started shoulders intense training yesterdy. I check ur post. Thx man, have a nice day
17 Jan
No problems. Make sure you're eating well and maybe try a lighter weight but really supinate the biceps at the top of each rep (turn your hand and imagine trying to touch your pinky to your shoulder) and extend slowly and contract you tris at the very bottom and go again. Keep your upper arm stable at all times, don't swing or lean. Hope this helps.
17 Jan
Kk thnx again:)