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Feb 8, 2015 11:01am
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Any recommendations for how often;
1) We should train abs
2) Best excercises
3) How many sets/reps

Currently i work out in the gym 3-4 times per week. I tend to do some ab work on these days always.
I do standing leg raises 4 sets ×12 reps (more for my core)
In between sets of leg raises i do standing side crunches with a 12kg kettle bell 4 sets × 10 reps.
Russian twist with a 6kg medicine ball 3/4 sets × 30/40 reps
Then usually 3 sets of 10 reps of some lower abs work, like flutter kicks, leg raises, or simply holding my legs straight out low for 10 secs.
I sometimes plank too.

I know to get visibly abs its about food abd losing fat/cardio etc. Im not too bothered about this as long as my stomachs not too fat thats fine, im still trying to gain weight. But i just want to know that the excercises/sets im doing are enough and will actually have my ab muscles building. Suggestions please?

09 Feb
Generally speaking if you add additional weight(dumbbells etc)you want to work them every other day like you would any other muscle. If you are doing body weight abdominal training you could do them everyday if you like but it all depends on how hard you train them. You abdominals function as core stabilizers and for posture and should be worked as such(ie high reps) as they are constantly engaged as you move. Some of my favorites are in and outs, kettle bell diagonal swings, v ups and bicycles. You should also do lower back exercises to balance out, bird dogs,...
09 Feb
1) After every workout 2) Bunches of Crunches and Plankology 30 day challenge 3) Just do what the timer tells you
10 Feb
Great thanks
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Feb 8, 2015 7:35pm
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You can actually work your abs daily. So long as you aren't in any discomfort. There are several good ab workouts in this app that can be 5 min or more.
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Feb 8, 2015 7:55pm
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Let's see I train my abs every other day. I use to hit them everyday but I found that I can go more intensity every other day. Don't really waste too much time doing crunches , vertical chair knee raises are your best bet.  Some of my other favorite exercises are hanging knee and leg lifts I do 3 sets of 30. Deadlifts and squats are going to work your core more than a crunch as well. windmill 180 's and barbell roll out are among ab workouts I recommend. hope you try some of these out. Good luck kim.

08 Feb
Thats what i meant hanging knee raises not standing leg raises! I can do about 12 in before i cant hold on any more. Thanks.
08 Feb
Ooooh 180's look good!
08 Feb
Yes they are amazing kim. I do that with a 45, 10 reps on each side. 3 sets.