Fat loss and muscle mass gain.

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Mar 4, 2015 3:29pm
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I'm trying to start gaining muscle mass while losing fat. Tips?

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Mar 4, 2015 9:25pm
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Eat as much as possible
Eat close to or the same as your maintenance calories, and try to eat 2500kcal a day or more. If your maintenance is lower then that add more work.

Train hard.Ā 
To build muscle you need to train. Use big compound movements like the squat, bench and deadlifts, and some form of upper back training. You can also do a press and variations of all those movements. I like to go all out into my first set (so I only have 1 rep left in the tank) and the do a few backoff set with fewer reps. Just for more volume.
Also focus onĀ strength if your lifts go up you gain muscle. Rep ranges don't matter much.

Sleep a lot.
Try and get 8 or more hours most days if at all possible. I go for 9-10 hours, but I know everyone won't be able to do that, but 8 hours as a minimum.

Bonus tip
Eat lots of protein I try and got 250g or more a day. You probably don't need that much, but better safe then sorry.
Also fat is better then varbs, and eat balanced. No need to go all health crazy ;)
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Mar 5, 2015 1:55am
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Eat clean. Whole foods, not processed. No added sugar. No liquid calories (besides protein shakes). Less carbs, more fats and protein. Alternate cardio & weight training.
Beginner Weight Training: Workout A
Beginner Weight Training: Workout B

I got these workouts off a website, the url is in the description and worth checking out.

Also try myfitnesspal app for counting calories and tracking nutrition. Log exercise calories with caution, it often over estimates, so i usually just don't log exercise, you may want to log at half value or something.

Look into ketogenics.