N00b gains

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Apr 29, 2015 12:11am
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Please explain... my fiance said I'll probably get newb gains where I just started lifting... what are newb gains and is it a real thing ?

29 Apr
It's when the body reacts well to new exercise because it isn't used to it, eg you put on muscle fast or lose weight fast. Once your body adapts it gets harder & harder to get gains.
29 Apr
Do you gain the weight back easily after your body starts getting used to it?
29 Apr
You don't gain weight back, you plateau and don't lose anymore weight, or gain anymore muscle. That's why it's important to keep pushing harder, lifting heavier, & not sticking to the same routine over and over. If you are just starting though you've got a while before that becomes a problem
30 Apr
Which is why every week or so you have to push to the next level (add more weight) or change your routine (add a new exercise or group of them).
03 May
Keep pushing yourself, chopping and changing routines every now and then and you should be fine. Doing the same things week in week out is boring anyway
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May 2, 2015 6:06pm
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Scientifically it's called atrophy versus hypertrophy.

Google and read up on those and you're set!