Starting too early?

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May 4, 2015 11:37am
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Hey guys, im 14 now and thinking about weight training like barbell squats and stuff like that, will it stunt my growth? Or what is the right age to do so?

04 May
Same, 14, what I've heard is that it is extremely beneficial and will not stunt growth. (If done right)
04 May
I'm 13 and I've been weight training for about a year now. As long as you are doing it right (proper technique, enough rest, proper nutrition) then don't worry- go for it! It can only be beneficial for you!
06 May
No it will not...Im sure you've heard of gravity...its pushing you down right now...your body fights it as you will fight weighted squats as fact studies have shown that in adulthood that it can cause growth hormone to be released and gain extra height, in some case upto 2 inches