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Jun 20, 2015 8:52am
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Hey guys! First of all, im 14 and 5'3 and need my arms to get a little bigger, i think my legs r pretty strong and chiseled (because i do 2 hours sports). But my arms, especially my wrists looks skinny, i mean like very very skinny. So can u suggest me some diet tips? And what workouts or exercises to do. Please try to answer most of it. Thanks a ton.
P.S- I need my biceps, shoulders and especially forearms to get bigger too!

21 Jun
For any muscle to get bigger you need to put on some overall bodyweight. So start a weight training program that includes multi-joint exercises for your whole body e.g. Squats/Deadlifts, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Dips, Lat Pulldowns, Dumbbell or Barbell Rows, and Bicep curls. If you build strength in these exercises your arms will grow. Your forearms will get some indirect stimulation from gripping barbell's and dumbbells anyway, but if you want to you can add in wrist curls. As for diet, just make sure you are in a daily caloric surplus, get enough protein (without going overboard) and monitor...
23 Jun
Wow John!, those were some cool tips, thanks alott!
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Jun 20, 2015 11:42am
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Hey boy u can eat soybeans and some pulses.try to eat as much as protein some pushups,hammer curls,alternate biceps curls.

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Jun 21, 2015 2:10am
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You're a young man getting started in a great hobby and lifestyle. I was about the same age when I got interested. The difference with you is you have have access to much more information with the intent. I just had family and friends around me. Looking back, that might have benefited me in a lot of ways. I didn't suffer from information over load. This allowed me to "keep it simple.". If I were you, (and I was you 25 years ago) I'd start slow. Don't go too heavy too quick. You WILL injure yourself. (I did/ just from working out too hard) To add size to arms, I personally prefer concentration curls.  As far as your diet, I guess you can add a little protein. If you have too much, your body just dumps it out anyway. Be careful not to neglect your fruits and veggies. I don't care what anyone says! If your body doesn't have the proper nutrients and vitamins, you won't get bigger. 5 years ago I switched to a mostly veggie diet and haven't looked back. Also, if you haven't already, join a sport. This will give you access to a coach and other "like minded " guys that can help you.  Good luck. I hope this helps.

23 Jun
Lol, atlast found someone like me! Haha, thanks a ton!

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