Help me gain body weight!

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Aug 13, 2015 10:39pm
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Im a skinny guy and based on the calculation of an ideal body weight i need to gain 15 kg more to reach an ideal body... help meee what work out fits for me and what should i eat or drink or something...

17 Aug
First, you should eat only ever slightly more than your recommended caloric intake, second, you should start a weight lifting program! I'd recommend working on your bigger muscle parts first like chest, back, and legs! And then every other muscle you'd like but you'd have to split each major muscle parts into days (like Chest Day on Monday, Leg Day on Wednesday, etc.) And finally you could (only optional) treat yourself to a cheat meal once per week as your metabolism grows even more when you lift the good ole iron and your muscles will need more energy, take note...
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Aug 16, 2015 6:49pm
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You have to do daily intensive wight training but not more than 45min with warming and Stretching. First you warm up only 10 min not more, then every day choose one big muscle or tow small muscles do 3sets and not more 8-10 reps for each workout, having rest in between is important 2-3 min. Have two days rest, so per a week you do whole your body..This is for workouts. Now you have to eat healthy food but you should eat a lot as you can specially carbs after each workout and protein in every two ours if you can to reach your goal... Try to calculate them in a good app. This is the best program I did it and I succeed.
Note: try to have 5-6 meals if you have no appetite to eat a lot in 3 meals. Try to have some protein shake if needed, or try some products to open your appetite. First will be difficult and then you'll then used.

I wish this add something to change your lifestyle. Good luck.
16 Aug
Really good
17 Aug
I like the way you think! :D