Are Indian women afraid of developing muscular body?

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Mar 19, 2016 11:07am
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Hello all...i am frm India and i have observed a thing here. The women here are afraid of developing muscular features...what do other ladies have to say about this? What makes the other women world over think differently?

19 Mar
I think it's a world wide concern or stigma going on. Women here (South Africa ) are also afraid to get "too muscular" because they would like to stay femanine looking and not intimidate men, so they stick to light exercises or cardio in aims to lose weight. :-) on the other hand... other women works towards getting lean and bulk up in various degrees. Personal choice I suppose... but there aren't many muscular women here either.
20 Mar it? I thought women in Africa are naturally muscular n physically stronger
20 Mar
N what do u prefer Jodi? What are you like?
20 Mar
Haha not sure about Africa as a whole but here in the southern tip of Africa we have plenty cultures and races living in one country... can't speak for everyone buy personally... I really want to become fit and lean... grow some muscle but not too much (not like a body builder image hhehe)
20 Mar
Aaaah....fair women wth bigger muscles can really be intimidating...i have experienced that