What to eat?

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Mar 21, 2016 6:26am
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Hi...i will put it quickly...what and when should i have before and after workout to optimise results?

21 Mar
Any suggestion Jodie?
21 Mar
Um... it's something I sort of struggle with too... but don't have enough knowledge about it to advise someone else sorry. Depends what your goal is o suppose... but personally... I'm thinking about proteins, rating healthy with the occasional "junk" and also I don't eat before my workout session in the evening. Only after. Um... for breakfast I have lemon water and whatever is in reach like oats , yogurts etc
21 Mar
Ooooh....coz i really feel completely spent during n after matches...wch results in my decimation...it shows up during the workout n sparing as well
21 Mar
N i really need it coz i need to avenge me getting gorilla pressed...that too by a :-P
21 Mar
Lol I see the struggle . Don't take it too personally though. Simply do your best and strive for better. Whether it's against the biggest guy or an even bigger female
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Mar 21, 2016 11:35am
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There's a lot of info out there on this, hard to sort through.

I would suggest a regular meal of veggies, carbs, and protein maybe 2 or 3hrs before workout. Perhaps a light snack in the meantime, then, very shortly before your workout (<30mins), a protein shake or smoothie with some simple carbs blended in, like fruit, banana works well, or a partial serving of carb-based weight gainer, maybe a little oatmeal blended in.

During your workout is also a good time to replenish. Many ppl neglect this. I did for a long time. Water lightly mixed with some carbs and protein, I used to use "carbo gain" and a half serving whey shake mix, mixed into my big water bottle, along with a 'nuun' hydration tablet. Nowadays I don't use a carb powder and just blend a banana into my water.

After workout, some ppl say have a protein shake immediately but new studies say it's not as important as we once thought. Personally, sometimes I immediately have a protein shake (with added carbs), or sometimes I wait and go home & have a full meal, lots of veggies, carbs(usu. rice) and protein.

It can change, of course, depending on your goals, your workouts, and how you feel.  

21 Mar
Woooooow!!! Awesome!!! Thanks a ton
24 Apr
I need a bulking diet plan done up for me??? help me pleaseeee

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