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Sep 13, 2016 2:18am
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Best foods or supplements to take or eat if your looking to gain muscle. And not become bulky just Leaner and Stronger?

26 Sep
The best thing you can do is make sure to get enough calories from nutritious foods in a balance of carbs. protein and fats. A must for me is to eat after a workout ,specifically a balanced meal with protein and carbs . Supplements round out a diet . Whey digest quickly, casein slower I like to take it at night before bed and whey after a workout and before breakfast. Have a nutritionist help you with a diet plan, or read a few books that have examples of diets geared towards bodybuilding. Your diet is much more important than...
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Sep 13, 2016 4:15am
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Whey protein, like MYPROTIEN or Integrated Supplements. Lots and lots of veggies. Healthy fats; Lots of them because you want to turn off your body needing and burning carbs for energy and make it burn fat for energy. And only carbs that might need is in vegetables and fruit. But only fruit in the morning and around workouts. So no carbs when you don't need fuel, aka bed time. Drink lots of water, and eat before and after you workout. This might sound extreme but you need to change the way your body works so that you have the ability to burn the fat you are wanting. 

Meal prep is important, because it will help you get the food you need and keep you away from the food you don't. 
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Sep 13, 2016 9:28am
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If you want to get leaner. You should focus on losing fat. If you want to gain muscle. Focus on gaining muscle. It are 2 very different approaches.

The only thing that stays the same is that training hard and heavy makes the process more effective.