Protein supplement..??

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Apr 16, 2013 8:57pm
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Hello everyone, can anybody please suggest a good supplement.. i just want to put on lean muscle mass and lose little bit of fat as well.!! But more so i just want to put on lean muscle mass..

16 Apr
Both cytosport and ampd have awesome lean muscle promoting protein! More importantly make sure your eating healthy.
17 Apr
Thanks Darrin.. will check them out
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Apr 16, 2013 11:00pm
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Well my advice to you is that you should use force factor that right there is one of my favorite supplements. Its a nitric oxide booster which increases your muscle size and it works not like that creatine crap just water retention. Force factor will help you a lot with you muscle needs but for fat burning you will have to go with hydroxzicot or how ever you spell it that will help with burning your fat and if you don't like the jitters the caffeine gives you and prefer the more natural way buy some green tea pills yohimbe pill and L carnitine thos should help out a lot and they won't make you feel bad. Well hope this helps, and if you still are in need of more information you can go to they have tons of articles regarding these types of subjects or any other fitness needs they also sell products

16 Apr
Thnks bro..
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Apr 19, 2013 1:49am
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Im extremely lean and I started taking this product called Serious Mass and within a month gained 8 lbs. You can find it at GNC for like $45 for a 6 pounder but I found out Amazon sells the exact same thing for the same price but for a 12 pounder. So it may sound funny but Amazon saves you a lot of money on mass builders. Only downside of serious mass are the serving sizes but if you are able to handle it packs a lot of calories, proteins, and carbs. Hope this helps. Im still experimenting myself because In hoping to out on 50 lbs by the end of this year. If you find out sonething that works well this goes to anybody lemme know. Because im seriously underweight. And am trying to put on weight.

19 Apr
Hey thanks.. but m not looking for just putting on weight, i just want to put on lean muscle mass!! Looking for some whey protein, thnks for ur advice.!! :)
30 Apr
Well with the weight u do gain, exercise n turn the weight into muscle, u cant get muscles witout exercising