Build butt muscle an tone abs

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Apr 26, 2013 2:02am
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I want to get a 4-6 pack and my butt and legs are pretty thick I like how thick they are I been workin out alot and I want my stomach to be really flat and abs and I want my butt and legs to be muscle I want my butt n legs to build solid muscle. I used to be really for but was working alot and didn't for a while but now I am bak on track and I wanna do something before I get to the beach I wanna look good !!! The way I wanna look. And also how do I get rid of the meet that hangs over ur bra strap? I'm not a big person all of a sudden it popped up! And I want big solid butt muscular legs and a flat toned belly.

Please help !
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Apr 26, 2013 3:54am
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I've been trying to bulk up recently, especially my legs and butt (lol). I created the 20x10 which is designed to give your arms, abs, back, butt, and legs a well rounded workout. It may be a bit too intense though (especially if your upper body isn't strong). Check it out anyway there are some good ab and butt exercises on it that you can incorporate into your workout routine. Also, planks are great (side planks, elbow planks, full planks) they workout your entire core (abs, hips, and butt). Hip-ups (aka Bridge) and the Locust Pose work great on back and butt check them out at under planks and core exercises. Vups are probably the most challenging abs exercise you can do (you can also find the there). Combine the exercises above with a good cardio routine and a healthy diet and you can't go wrong. Good luck and God Bless!