Ectomorph trying to bulk

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May 12, 2013 3:07am
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Hello, I have been interested in gaining muscle in my arms. I'm 15 years old, 5'4" and weigh 100 lbs. I eat a lot of junk food and never gain any weight. I am basically a stick, and I wanna change that. I'm interested in buying whey protein, and do push ups and other workouts like that because I can't afford a gym. What work outs can I do and what diet should I follow and is whey protein good for me? If so how do I use it? Another thing, will pull ups work?
12 May
Well if you want to put on mass then you should have a lot to eat, but not junk foods; You need to whole foods to help like a lot of fruits and vegetables would be great along with whatever kind of workouts you are doing and drinking lots of milk can help out. You shouldn't need protein powder but knock yourself out if you want.
12 May
3 giant meals a day will help slow your metabolism. Sleep is important too. Lift heavy with less reps and use whey protein after your workouts. It takes time for that body type at that age especially. Weigh yourself every week and that will let you know if your getting results. If you need workouts let me know