Need help keeping on track

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Feb 11, 2015 5:20am
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I am one of those people that never used to work out, because i always got discouraged. I would start and do great at first till i steped on a scale and it told me that i gained weight. But i want this year to be diffrent, i need this year to be diffrent. I weigh 245 pounds i dont want to feel ashamed of the way my body looks without clothes on. I want to be able to take my wedding pictures in almost a year and feel and look as good as i can. And i want to beable to play and have that extra energy to keep up with my kiddo. So does anyone have any pointers? Words of wisdom? Motivation to keep someone on track? If so i could really use it and would appreciate it.

11 Feb
Hello Beatrice u can keep going... U need some motivation and have to start doing it... All the best
11 Feb
I used to keep clothes from when I was biggest, but I let loose and ended up shamefully wearing them again. I find myself in front of the mirror with my mid drift showing so I can see where to focus my time on for the next go. Although I just started with this app, I like seeing my stomach at the beginning stage every time I go into a work out. Don't look at the image as a shame, see it as a focal point. Hold onto that point
04 Dec
I completely understand your struggles. If you have a fitbit that could help with keeping you motivated and on track.