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Nov 18, 2014 9:36am
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I've done yoga on and off for years, both with and without instructors, and for the past year practically daily. I still haven't moved on to performing more advanced poses and this bothers me. I can't even do the upward dog without putting my knees down first and something as "simple" as supported shoulder stands and plough pose are impossible.
I don't know where to begin. It feels like I still don't have the muscle strength and I'm really afraid of hurting myself. What steps should I take to move forward in my yoga practice? Are there poses I could do to ready myself for eg handstands or should I just throw myself in there and start trying the more advanced poses and build up strength and confidence?

16 Apr
This is an excellent question. Can you take a workshop with a teacher? Talking to an experienced teachers and sharing your concerns about hurting yourself may shed a light on any problematic areas in your practice.
16 Apr
Also, feel free to share your concerns here. Hope I can provide your with some advice online :)
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Nov 18, 2014 3:39pm
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I'm no expert, but if you aren't able to flow into simple poses like upward dog and plow then you shouldn't move on to more advanced seems like a nice, easy way to get toned but it can be really intense and you have to build enough strength and flexibility to support the poses before moving on. If not, you could really hurt yourself. It seems like you might need to build more core strength given the problems you mentioned. So I'd recommend anything that targets your core and also mastering the simple poses that seem impossible for you. Planks are great for upper body and core strength too and there are a ton of variations to work different areas.

28 Nov
Thanks for replying! I'm thinking the same thing as you, and I'm now going to focus on on both bodyweight and dumbbells exercises to strengthen my body. I'll keep on doing yoga as well, but for now I have to accept that I have to wait with moving forward to more advanced poses. After only two weeks of bodyweight exercises I'm now able to lift half of my back off the floor! Soon I'll be ready for shoulder stand and hopefully start practicing getting into the plow pose

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